Mike has always wanted to get an old Caterham into the workshop, but will the risk pay off when Edd decides to paint it a shocking colour?


  • {S}12.{E}14. Ford Escort RS2000 Rally Car

    S12.E14. Ford Escort RS2000 Rally Car

    Mike decides to combine his two loves of vintage escorts and rallying by making a Ford rally car. But can Edd make a profit on such an expensive build?
    Duration: 44 Min
  • {S}12.{E}15. Messerschmitt KR200

    S12.E15. Messerschmitt KR200

    This iconic three-wheeler is about to celebrate its 60th birthday, so the boys spy a chance to take advantage. But can the duo sell this tiny car for mega-money?
    Duration: 44 Min
  • {S}12.{E}16. Citroen HY Van

    S12.E16. Citroen HY Van

    Mike goes to France in search of a retro-cool Citroën HY Van. Edd isn't impressed with his spoils, knowing it will be a costly renovation. But can they find a buyer?
    Duration: 43 Min