Edd and Mike look back on the memories of the last eight cars. Which were the best and worst buys, the most inventive fixes, and the biggest transformations?


  • {S}13.{E}10. 1970 Ford Bronco

    S13.E10. 1970 Ford Bronco

    Mike's out for adventure with a 1970 Ford Bronco. When they find it's riddled with rust, Mike sets out to save the project from disaster while Edd keeps his cool.
    Duration: 43 Min
  • {S}13.{E}11. 1983 Mercedes 500 Sec

    S13.E11. 1983 Mercedes 500 Sec

    Mike and Edd have a powerful and luxurious 1983 Mercedes 500 SEC to restore. Can the boys return this car to its former glory and still eke out a profit?
    Duration: 43 Min