Ree makes lunch for her husband, Ladd, and his dad. She starts with her father-in-law’s favourite shrimp brochettes and then the ultimate quesadillas.


  • {S}22.{E}12. Painting Class

    S22.E12. Painting Class

    Ree Drummond prepares canapes and cocktails for a painting class. On the menu is mini Hawaiian chicken skewers, courgette caprese sliders and lots more!
    Duration: 20 Min
  • {S}22.{E}13. Cowboys Who Lunch

    S22.E13. Cowboys Who Lunch

    Ree delivers a tailgate lunch for the cowboys. She makes pressure cooker pulled pork sandwiches, pickled jalapenos and onions and a tasty apple pie dessert.
    Duration: 20 Min