Bride Katie wants a mermaid-style dress but her mom would prefer to see her in a traditional ballgown. Can consultant Jenny find a dress to please both?


  • {S}11.{E}01. More Money, More Problems

    S11.E01. More Money, More Problems

    Kandice is worried her custom made gown may not be all that she hoped for. Plus, in search of the perfect dress, money is no object for Aleshia.
    Duration: 22 Min
  • {S}11.{E}02. Till Dress Do Us Part

    S11.E02. Till Dress Do Us Part

    After losing 100lbs, Stephanie wants to show off her new curves in a sexy wedding dress. Meanwhile, Akisha is worried her dress won't impress her fiancé.
    Duration: 22 Min
  • {S}11.{E}03. If You've Got It, Flaunt It

    S11.E03. If You've Got It, Flaunt It

    Kia is a pro basketball player embracing her height, as she looks for the perfect long dress for her six-inch heels. But how will she get on?
    Duration: 22 Min
  • {S}11.{E}04. Episode 4

    S11.E04. Episode 4

    Aspiring country music star Whitney Duncan wants a romantic lace gown that gives her some curves. Plus, a bride with an oversized personality is looking for a matching dress.
    Duration: 21 Min
  • {S}11.{E}05. One of a Kind Dress Requests

    S11.E05. One of a Kind Dress Requests

    Lisa has tried on more than 100 gowns and Brittany is determined to wear pink - will both find their dream dress?
    Duration: 22 Min
  • {S}11.{E}06. A Gown Worth the Trip

    S11.E06. A Gown Worth the Trip

    Liz has flown 4,000 miles to visit the salon and has to find something. Plus, bride Danielle has lost 8kg and worries that her gown will not show her curves.
    Duration: 22 Min