Kleinfeld is stunned when Jennifer brings her fiancé - and his wife! Trendy bride Glori has high standards and Amanda Barrasso seeks a dress fit for an ice queen.


  • {S}16.{E}03. A Dress To Match My Black Heart

    S16.E03. A Dress To Match My Black Heart

    Feisty Camila's desire to buy a black dress may push her equally fiery mother over the edge! Plus, will Ally's second custom dress arrive in time?
    Duration: 42 Min
  • {S}16.{E}04. I'm Having A Moment

    S16.E04. I'm Having A Moment

    Shopaholic Courtney wants to look at every dress in Kleinfeld! Brianna wants a '50 Shades'-themed frock. Angela craves a tasteful gown for her circus wedding.
    Duration: 43 Min
  • {S}16.{E}05. Coco Is Not Impressed

    S16.E05. Coco Is Not Impressed

    'Doga' instructor Mariah seeks a princess dress and wants her pup Coco to match! Jami is eloping to Paris and she needs a dress as magical as her destination.
    Duration: 43 Min