Bride Mackenzie knows exactly what she wants - a dress that makes her look like Jessica Rabbit. Will her consultant Britney find the perfect gown?


  • {S}10.{E}04. Race to the Altar

    S10.E04. Race to the Altar

    Bride Dawn is looking for a princess gown for her wedding, but no dress is living it up to her or her family's standards. Will her dress dream ever come true?
    Duration: 22 Min
  • {S}10.{E}05. More than a Wedding

    S10.E05. More than a Wedding

    Cheryl and Krisin have recently beaten cancer and Jennifer is battling a kidney disease. For these brides, their weddings are a celebration of love and life.
    Duration: 22 Min
  • {S}10.{E}06. Family Rules

    S10.E06. Family Rules

    Tanya takes her outspoken family to the salon to help her find a blush-coloured dress. But no one is honest like a family - can the consultant keep the peace?
    Duration: 22 Min
  • {S}10.{E}07. Father of the Bride

    S10.E07. Father of the Bride

    Bride Katie wants a mermaid-style dress but her mom would prefer to see her in a traditional ballgown. Can consultant Jenny find a dress to please both?
    Duration: 22 Min
  • {S}10.{E}08. Sisters Know Best

    S10.E08. Sisters Know Best

    Broadway star Kristen Chenoweth is helping her best friend to find a gown with glitz and glam. Plus, two sisters can't agree on a dress style.
    Duration: 22 Min
  • {S}10.{E}09. A Family Affair

    S10.E09. A Family Affair

    Saralyn is in need of two dresses in order to share her wedding with her sister and Rachel brings her sister, a former Bachelor contestant, to help out.
    Duration: 22 Min