Bride Jennifer is a breast cancer survivor who wants to show off her curves, but her mum prefers that she cover up her assets.


  • {S}09.{E}03. My Big Fat Ethiopian Wedding

    S09.E03. My Big Fat Ethiopian Wedding

    Bride Saba needs a dress that fits her conservative Ethiopian culture, but she still wants something fun and sexy for the reception.
    Duration: 21 Min
  • {S}09.{E}04. I'll Just Call Myself The Original Diva

    S09.E04. I'll Just Call Myself The Original Diva

    According to bride Sarah's mum, they've already found the perfect dress - but Sarah isn't convinced. Can Monte find a dress they both love?
    Duration: 21 Min
  • {S}09.{E}05. A Trio Of Options

    S09.E05. A Trio Of Options

    Bride Katy invites her stylish aunt Kristin to shop, but will she keep Katy's vision in mind? Plus, Genine's 'psychic' friend isn't sure about her dress choice.
    Duration: 21 Min
  • {S}09.{E}06. What Would Phaedra Do?

    S09.E06. What Would Phaedra Do?

    Bride Nikki gets a big surprise when her favourite celebrity idol shows up to help her choose the wedding gown of her dreams!
    Duration: 19 Min
  • {S}09.{E}07. Multiple Dress Personality Disorder

    S09.E07. Multiple Dress Personality Disorder

    WNBA star and bride-to-be Angel has a game plan to say yes to a pantsuit - but her friend thinks she should sport a dress.
    Duration: 19 Min
  • {S}09.{E}08. Two Monte's Are Better Than One

    S09.E08. Two Monte's Are Better Than One

    Bride Dawn's son is a mini-fashionista who gives Monte a run for his money, while bride Katherine wants a vintage dress to wear with cowboy boots.
    Duration: 20 Min