Saving Britain's Wildlife
An exclusive look at three RSPCA-operated wildlife hospitals and the everyday heroes who work tirelessly to save and protect wild animals across the UK.

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Season 1
  • {S}01.{E}06: Episode 6

    S01.E06: Episode 6

    A raven reared as a pet must forget its tame behaviour if it's to return to the wild. Paige Burnham struggles to rescue a deer trapped by the rising tide.
    Duration: 43 Min
    Watch Until: 26/10/2018
  • {S}01.{E}07: Episode 7

    S01.E07: Episode 7

    The staff at East Winch Wildlife centre tackle the growing problem of seals trapped in discarded fishing nets. A swan has its foot caught in discarded rubble.
    Duration: 43 Min
  • {S}01.{E}08: Episode 8

    S01.E08: Episode 8

    Paige Burnham must overcome her fear of heights to rescue a crow trapped in netting on a roof. A baby hedgehog found by a main road needs specialist care.
    Duration: 44 Min