Robert Durst: An ID Murder Mystery
First a wife, then a friend and finally a neighbour go missing or die in mysterious circumstances. Is mercurial millionaire Robert Durst responsible for what happened to these people? Catch up on the first episode now.

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Season 1
  • {S}01.{E}01: Bobby's Girls
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    S01.E01: Bobby's Girls

    In 1982, Kathie Durst, wife of millionaire Robert Durst, disappears. Eighteen years later, Robert's best friend is murdered, and the real estate heir has vanished.
    Duration: 1 Hrs 27
  • {S}01.{E}02: Fade To Black
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    S01.E02: Fade To Black

    A headless torso that washes ashore in Galveston, Texas, leads investigators to Robert Durst. But soon, the multi-millionaire real estate heir is on the run.
    Duration: 1 Hrs 28