Planes That Changed The World
The development of aeroplanes was a huge advancement that changed human society forever. These are the stories behind some of the most inventive designs, technological marvels that were landmarks in aviation history.

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Season 1
  • {S}01.{E}01: SR-71 Blackbird- Hypersonic Surveillance

    S01.E01: SR-71 Blackbird- Hypersonic Surveillance

    Lockheed were tasked with creating a plane invisible to Russian radar, capable of reaching an altitude of 80,000 ft and speeds of Mach 3.2.
    Duration: 44 Min
  • {S}01.{E}02: DC-3

    S01.E02: DC-3

    Emerging as a rival to Boeing's 247, the rigorously tested twin-engine DC3 would eventually radicalise the aviation industry in 1934.
    Duration: 44 Min
  • {S}01.{E}03: Airbus A380- Giant Of The Sky

    S01.E03: Airbus A380- Giant Of The Sky

    This double-decked monster was designed to carry 800 passengers and revolutionise the highways of the sky, so why did it take 17 years to lift off?
    Duration: 44 Min