My 600-Lb Life
Four individuals struggle to go from weighing over 600 lbs. to being at their ideal weight. Their journeys begin with gastric bypass surgery, which allows them to start losing weight.

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  • {S}07.{E}01: Brianne's Story
    Leaving Soon

    S07.E01: Brianne's Story

    At over 700lbs, Brianne is on a weight-loss journey to save her own life. But she faces another shock when her husband's health suddenly deteriorates.
    Duration: 1 Hrs 28
    Watch Until: 28/02/2019
  • {S}07.{E}03: Robin & Garrett's Story

    S07.E03: Robin & Garrett's Story

    Siblings Robin and Chris are both obese and already lost a sibling to obesity. Now, Chris's son Garrett, already 600lbs at age 20, wants to lose weight.
    Duration: 1 Hrs 28
  • {S}07.{E}04: Justin's Story

    S07.E04: Justin's Story

    A college graduate with a once-promising career, Justin has eaten his life away to the point of never leaving the house for anything but food.
    Duration: 1 Hrs 28
  • {S}07.{E}05: Holly's Story
    New episode

    S07.E05: Holly's Story

    Holly already has a failed weight loss surgery, so to succeed she must alter more than her eating habits. Can she overcome the childhood trauma which still haunts her?
    Duration: 1 Hrs 27