Long Lost Family US
Follows the highly emotional stories of people who are desperate to be reunited with people they feel an intense closeness to, but whom they've barely - if ever - met.

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  • {S}03.{E}17: A Hole In My Soul
    Leaving Soon

    S03.E17: A Hole In My Soul

    Chris helps a woman hoping to find and bond with her biological mum. A near-death experience in combat triggers a young veterans' search for his birth family.
    Duration: 1 Hrs 27
    Watch Until: 26/04/2019
  • {S}03.{E}18: A Mysterious Disappearance

    S03.E18: A Mysterious Disappearance

    A young woman hopes Chris can help solve the 30-year old mystery of her younger brother's disappearance from a Miami Beach hotel.
    Duration: 1 Hrs 27