Long Island Medium
Theresa Caputo is an average mum from Long Island in every way except one: she talks to the dead. She spends her days with her loving family and helping individuals connect to the spirits of their departed loved ones.

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Season 2
  • {S}02.{E}05: Christmas Spirit

    S02.E05: Christmas Spirit

    It's Christmas and in true holiday fashion, Theresa spreads the gift of giving when she and her family help at a soup kitchen. When a spirit interrupts, a sceptic is left in shock.
    Duration: 21 Min
    Watch Until: 24/11/2018
  • {S}02.{E}06: Car Crazy

    S02.E06: Car Crazy

    Victoria tries to use her charm to get a car from her parents. Theresa is against the idea, but her husband is on the fence. Also, Theresa helps a woman reconnect with her father.
    Duration: 22 Min
    Watch Until: 24/11/2018
  • {S}02.{E}07: Spirit Al Dente

    S02.E07: Spirit Al Dente

    Tired of hearing her family complain about her cooking, Theresa aims to prove that she can do more than just order takeout. But while attending a cooking class, spirits interfere.
    Duration: 22 Min
  • {S}02.{E}08: Just Like Me

    S02.E08: Just Like Me

    Theresa's friend divulges that her son can see spirits and Theresa wants to help. But meeting up with her potential protégé results in an unexpected revelation.
    Duration: 21 Min
  • {S}02.{E}09: Wheelin' & Dealin'

    S02.E09: Wheelin' & Dealin'

    Theresa urges Victoria to earn her keep around the house – but will her efforts backfire? Also, Theresa helps a woman who struggles with a death in her family.
    Duration: 22 Min
  • {S}02.{E}10: Long Island Romance

    S02.E10: Long Island Romance

    Valentine's Day is fast approaching and Larry struggles to plan a last minute romantic night. Plus, Theresa meets with one of her biggest sceptics yet.
    Duration: 22 Min
  • {S}02.{E}11: Bellies & Babies
    New episode

    S02.E11: Bellies & Babies

    After Larry Jr. slates the idea of his mother doing a reading at a Baby Shower, she has second thoughts. Will the mum-to-be be happy with a medium at her party?
    Duration: 22 Min
  • {S}02.{E}12: Apply Yourself
    New episode

    S02.E12: Apply Yourself

    Theresa and Larry stress the value of college to Victoria but the pressure of senior year is too much. The tables are turned when Theresa becomes the sceptic.
    Duration: 22 Min