Jamie, cooks one of the nation’s favourite: Thai green curry. In just under half an hour he makes this aromatic dish with crispy chicken, kimchee and rice noodles.


  • {S}01.{E}29. Tapas Feast

    S01.E29. Tapas Feast

    Jamie’s selection of Spanish tapas includes: tortilla, glazed chorizo, manchego cheese, cured meats and honey, stuffed peppers and rolled anchovies. A feast in minutes.
    Duration: 22 Min
  • {S}01.{E}30. Spring Lamb

    S01.E30. Spring Lamb

    Jamie shows how to quickly prepare spring lamb roast with mint dressing, served with a medley of British summer vegetables. Plus, chocolate fondue with fruit platter.
    Duration: 22 Min
  • {S}01.{E}31. Sticky Pan-Fried Scallops

    S01.E31. Sticky Pan-Fried Scallops

    Jamie shows how to make a lovely, and speedy, meal of pan-fried scallops with sweet chilli rice and dressed greens. Plus, quick brownies for dessert.
    Duration: 22 Min
  • {S}01.{E}32. Mustard Chicken

    S01.E32. Mustard Chicken

    Jamie cooks a quick and delicious meal of mustard chicken with dauphinoise potatoes and greens. He even finds time to make a black forest affogato for dessert.
    Duration: 22 Min