How do they make the world's softest duvets, drill for oil thousands of metres below ground, and put the stretch in the world's stretchiest rubber bands?


  • {S}13.{E}19. Aircraft Engines, Fisherman’s Friend

    S13.E19. Aircraft Engines, Fisherman’s Friend

    How do they build a diesel engine that can fly, make cough sweets, turn clear plastic into unforgeable bank notes, and whip up the world's favourite ice cream flavours?
    Duration: 22 Min
  • {S}13.{E}20. Armored Cars, Christmas Trees

    S13.E20. Armored Cars, Christmas Trees

    How do they turn a family car into a fortress on wheels, grow millions of perfect Christmas trees and hammer out the world's finest cymbals?
    Duration: 21 Min