How do they build a monorail above the world's most crowded streets? Plus, how do they craft Copenhagen's famous Flora Danica porcelain?


  • {S}12.{E}04. Episode 4

    S12.E04. Episode 4

    How do they use one of the slipperiest substances on earth to make waterproof clothing for explorers, mountaineers and special forces soldiers?
    Duration: 21 Min
  • {S}12.{E}05. Episode 5

    S12.E05. Episode 5

    How do they turn bitter oranges into the Queen's favourite breakfast spread, marmalade? Plus, how do they print out a dress fit for the catwalk?
    Duration: 22 Min
  • {S}12.{E}06. Episode 6

    S12.E06. Episode 6

    How do they build heavy duty road rollers? How do they bake bread in a can? And how do they make a mobile phone with the care and precision of a Swiss watch?
    Duration: 21 Min
  • {S}12.{E}07. Episode 7

    S12.E07. Episode 7

    How do they pick and process thousands of tonnes of grapefruit? And how do they build conveyor belts to carry millions of pieces of luggage every year?
    Duration: 21 Min
  • {S}12.{E}08. Episode 8

    S12.E08. Episode 8

    How do they make the world's finest harp strings? How do they build roof windows that can keep out a hurricane? And how do they make Belgian waffles?
    Duration: 21 Min
  • {S}12.{E}09. Episode 9

    S12.E09. Episode 9

    How do they turn scrap metal into luxury cookers? How do they hand-roll billions of sticks of incense? And how do they make jenever, the original form of gin?
    Duration: 21 Min