Forensic Files
From violent crimes and mysterious accidents to outbreak of disease, detectives and crime lab technicians use cutting-edge forensic detection to solve baffling cases.

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Season 10
  • {S}10.{E}01: Trial By Fire

    S10.E01: Trial By Fire

    A home erupted in flames on a freezing January night, killing one person and injuring another. But what caused this tragedy to occur?
    Duration: 21 Min
  • {S}10.{E}02: Marked For Life

    S10.E02: Marked For Life

    In 1957 a man committed a number of crimes in one night. 50 years later with new and improved technology, police were able to prove their case.
    Duration: 21 Min
  • {S}10.{E}03: Plastic Puzzle

    S10.E03: Plastic Puzzle

    Broken shards from a headlight become crucial evidence in the hit-and-run death of a Michigan cyclist. How did forensics help to bring the driver to justice?
    Duration: 21 Min
  • {S}10.{E}04: Up In Smoke

    S10.E04: Up In Smoke

    An arson that resulted in the death of an elderly couple is examined. A range of forensics and computer animation are used to solve this case.
    Duration: 21 Min
  • {S}10.{E}05: Soiled Plan

    S10.E05: Soiled Plan

    Police instigated an intense search when the mother of two children went missing and, less than a day later, they found her body. How did forensics help detectives?
    Duration: 21 Min
  • {S}10.{E}06: Headquarters

    S10.E06: Headquarters

    Some skeletal remains and a single red hair of a woman are found in a remote area. Investigators use forensic science to identify the victim and killer.
    Duration: 21 Min
  • {S}10.{E}07: One For The Road

    S10.E07: One For The Road

    Learn how a video and GPS helped to solve the case of a missing woman who disappeared whilst heading to Florida on holiday.
    Duration: 21 Min
  • {S}10.{E}08: Army Of Evidence

    S10.E08: Army Of Evidence

    A mother of two young children was found dead in her bedroom. But how did forensics help detectives catch the person responsible?
    Duration: 21 Min
  • {S}10.{E}09: Shear Luck

    S10.E09: Shear Luck

    The murder of an Air Force sergeant's wife, whose body was found on a Philippines air base, is examined. How did forensics help solve the case?
    Duration: 21 Min
  • {S}10.{E}10: Tagging A Suspect

    S10.E10: Tagging A Suspect

    The explosion of a pickup truck, which killed the driver and injured a passenger is investigated. But how did forensics help cops catch the person responsible?
    Duration: 21 Min
  • {S}10.{E}11: Strong Impressions

    S10.E11: Strong Impressions

    The wife of an Air Force officer was found dead in her bed, with a plastic laundry bag near her face. How did forensics piece together limited evidence?
    Duration: 21 Min
  • {S}10.{E}12: Cereal Killer

    S10.E12: Cereal Killer

    Arson, the murder of a little boy and suicide - this case was brutal. The clues left included embezzlement, vomit stains and paint particles.
    Duration: 21 Min
  • {S}10.{E}13: Crash Course

    S10.E13: Crash Course

    A highway patrolman responds to a night-time traffic accident, thinking it’s just another car crash – until the dawn of a new day sheds a whole new light.
    Duration: 21 Min
  • {S}10.{E}14: A Leg Up On Crime

    S10.E14: A Leg Up On Crime

    The decomposed body of a young woman is discovered in a canal. Police find a shoe print at the crime scene – which will lead them to the most unlikely of killers.
    Duration: 21 Min
  • {S}10.{E}15: Tight-Fitting Genes

    S10.E15: Tight-Fitting Genes

    When a grounded teenager disappears from her California home, police suspect that she is a runaway until her body is found several days later.
    Duration: 21 Min
  • {S}10.{E}16: Deadly Valentine

    S10.E16: Deadly Valentine

    Will blood spatters help solve a case which may not be what it appears to be? Find out how forensics pieced together the evidence to crack this case.
    Duration: 21 Min
  • {S}10.{E}17: Picture This

    S10.E17: Picture This

    When a grounded teenager disappears from her California home, police suspect that she is a runaway until her body is found several days later.
    Duration: 21 Min
  • {S}10.{E}18: Oily In The Morning

    S10.E18: Oily In The Morning

    After an 18-year old vanishes and his car is found submerged, police use crash-test forensics, insurance policies and motor oil to determine the killer.
    Duration: 21 Min
  • {S}10.{E}19: Gold Rush

    S10.E19: Gold Rush

    A wealthy Michigan teenager calls 911 to report that his girlfriend shot and killed herself. But the suicide claim is disproven when the detectives examine blood.
    Duration: 21 Min
  • {S}10.{E}20: Four on the Floor

    S10.E20: Four on the Floor

    A Navajo woman is found dead in a remote desert area in New Mexico. She had suffered blunt force trauma to the head from a sledgehammer- but who would do this?
    Duration: 21 Min
  • {S}10.{E}21: Writer's Block

    S10.E21: Writer's Block

    A brilliant young architect became ill and died just before she was to testify in a criminal trial. Find out how forensics used the evidence to crack this case.
    Duration: 21 Min
  • {S}10.{E}22: A Clean Getaway

    S10.E22: A Clean Getaway

    An employee of a dry-cleaning shop is found murdered. Investigators find eyewitnesses, but their description doesn’t come close to resembling the prime suspect.
    Duration: 21 Min