Forensic Detectives
Examines the use of forensic science in criminal investigations. From microscopic DNA, to ballistics, to hair and fibres, cutting edge technology is used to bring killers to justice.

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  • {S}03.{E}09: A Taste Of Poison
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    S03.E09: A Taste Of Poison

    Poisoners: devious killers relying on their victim's trust in order to steal their lives. Find out why they don't usually stop at just one kill.
    Duration: 44 Min
    Watch Until: 12/12/2018
  • {S}03.{E}11: Texas Rangers
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    S03.E11: Texas Rangers

    Examines the history and modern evolution of the Texas Rangers, who were formed in the 1830s to protect settlers against attacks from natives.
    Duration: 44 Min
    Watch Until: 14/12/2018
  • {S}03.{E}12: Bad Medicine
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    S03.E12: Bad Medicine

    A thought-provoking look at how drug trafficking has spawned a violent and deadly criminal underground.
    Duration: 44 Min
    Watch Until: 15/12/2018
  • {S}03.{E}13: Unlikely Sources
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    S03.E13: Unlikely Sources

    How baffling crimes have been solved through evidence provided by insects, beer bottles and other seemingly meaningless objects.
    Duration: 44 Min
    Watch Until: 16/12/2018
  • {S}03.{E}14: True Crime
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    S03.E14: True Crime

    Crime writers know as much about crime as any crime-fighter – or criminal. They can provide as near a first-person account of a murder as is possible.
    Duration: 43 Min
    Watch Until: 17/12/2018
  • {S}03.{E}15: Coroner's Casebook

    S03.E15: Coroner's Casebook

    A good coroner provides what is necessary to solve a crime. A bad one can ruin an otherwise rock-solid case.
    Duration: 43 Min