A mother is killed in front of her quintuplet toddlers. Police quickly identify her assailant but they can't unravel his motive - has someone else masterminded a murder?


  • {S}02.{E}09. Predator

    S02.E09. Predator

    A young college student is abducted in broad daylight, leaving behind only a pair of flip-flops. The case will go cold for months before another assault takes place.
    Duration: 43 Min
  • {S}02.{E}10. Baby Grace

    S02.E10. Baby Grace

    The body of a toddler girl is found in a box in a waterway. Investigators nickname her ‘Baby Grace’ and must rely on the FBI to crack the case.
    Duration: 43 Min
  • {S}02.{E}11. Sex & Candy

    S02.E11. Sex & Candy

    When Brian Wilson's wife, Inga, goes missing after a late night run to the store, no one is expecting her body to show up 15 miles away from their home.
    Duration: 44 Min
  • {S}02.{E}12. Broken Trust

    S02.E12. Broken Trust

    When the body of a little boy floats up in Waldport, Oregon, the FBI sets out on a search for his missing family. One by one, their murdered bodies appear.
    Duration: 44 Min
  • {S}02.{E}13. Deadly Game

    S02.E13. Deadly Game

    A pizza delivery man stuns the FBI when he robs a bank with a strange collar bomb around his neck, and is killed minutes later when it explodes.
    Duration: 44 Min
  • {S}03.{E}01. Killer Fantasy

    S03.E01. Killer Fantasy

    A predator in a white truck abducts a 10-year-old girl as she rollerblades in front of her house. Will FBI agents be able to find Pamela before it's too late?
    Duration: 43 Min