Richard sells the '79 Camaro to prepare for Barrett Jackson, the biggest auction of the year. Aaron's team builds a '68 Impala while Richard and Dennis buy a '64 Corvette Stingray. Richard pulls the '66 VW bus, '69 F100 truck and '76 C10 to auction.


  • {S}03.{E}13. Road To Barrett Jackson Part II/NHRA

    S03.E13. Road To Barrett Jackson Part II/NHRA

    It's showtime at Barrett Jackson with wheeling-and-dealing throughout the week showcasing the excitement. Richard's Stingray arrives just in time for the start of the auction. Meanwhile, Aaron attends NHRA in Vegas to see how team Gas Monkey performs.
    Duration: 44 Min
  • {S}03.{E}14. Rocking A 76 G10 Van

    S03.E14. Rocking A 76 G10 Van

    Richard and Aaron take on a different build when they decide to transform a $300 find on the side of the road into a '76 Exploration Van.The Dale Earnhardt '56 Nomad makes an appearance back at the shop, as KC and his team are tasked with fixing the body.
    Duration: 44 Min