Dan takes a 1926 Ford Model T as part-payment and Robby wants to convert it to a rarer 1914 C Cab. Anthony buys a 69 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible but it's a mess!


  • {S}04.{E}04. Night Prowler

    S04.E04. Night Prowler

    Two brothers nicknamed their 1965 Chevy Impala "Night Prowler" but making it look cooler leaves it impossible to drive. And, a '67 Corvette has a huge list of repairs.
    Duration: 44 Min
  • {S}04.{E}05. Beauty And The Bee

    S04.E05. Beauty And The Bee

    When Ovide bought his 1957 Bel Air unseen, it was a rusted piece of junk. Can Dan restore it? Plus, disabled driver Dino wants serious speed in his '69 Super Bee.
    Duration: 44 Min