Dr. Dee: Alaska Vet
Follow veterinarian Dee Thornell and her staff as they handle extreme cases and clients unique to the Last Frontier State, from reindeer and elk to sled dogs and pack mules.

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Season 2
  • {S}02.{E}06: Farm Frenzy
    New episode

    S02.E06: Farm Frenzy

    Dr. Dee flies her mom to a remote vet clinic in Manley Hot Springs, Alaska. At Animal House, a bunny has a tricky abscess, and some St. Bernard puppies visit the clinic!
    Duration: 44 Min
  • {S}02.{E}07: Raging Bull
    New episode

    S02.E07: Raging Bull

    Dr Dee flies to Healy, Alaska, for a remote clinic. Plus, Dr Dee prepares Nugget the Bull for breeding season and Dr Terry gets a surprise giving shots to six kittens.
    Duration: 44 Min