Guy Fieri is exploring restaurants with a definite direction. In N.Y., he finds an eatery that uses unusual techniques on deep fried pickles and soft-shell crab.


  • {S}16.{E}03. Far Out

    S16.E03. Far Out

    Guy Fieri is honing in on eateries that do things differently. In Hoboken, a Cuban joint is serving salt cured beef and all kinds of classic Cuban appetisers.
    Duration: 20 Min
  • {S}16.{E}04. Matches Made In Heaven

    S16.E04. Matches Made In Heaven

    Guy Fieri is looking for places that serve up unique combos. In Brooklyn, he finds a barbecue joint that is famous for their wings and beef ribs.
    Duration: 20 Min
  • {S}16.{E}05. Savory Sensations

    S16.E05. Savory Sensations

    Guy Fieri is warming up with some specialities. In Brooklyn, a family-owned eatery serves apple waffles with pancetta, and deep-fried breakfast empanadas.
    Duration: 20 Min
  • {S}16.{E}06. Hometown Haunts

    S16.E06. Hometown Haunts

    Guy Fieri is taking a spin through the town favourites. In Chatham, an Italian eatery is serving up fried chicken, arancini balls, and a decadent swine sandwich.
    Duration: 20 Min
  • {S}16.{E}07. Land To Sea

    S16.E07. Land To Sea

    In Kitty Hawk, Guy Fieri is sampling a fisherman's risotto and citrus chicken at a seaside restaurant. Then, a pub combines beer with bangers & mash.
    Duration: 20 Min
  • {S}16.{E}08. Decadent Dishes

    S16.E08. Decadent Dishes

    Guy Fieri is on the hunt for decadent dishes. He uncovers a joint that serves up fried chicken and waffles, a spicy pulled pork sandwich, and a daily donut.
    Duration: 20 Min