Guy Fieri finds an Eastern European joint heating up a hearty hangover soup and meat dish. Then, a Polish eatery serves up potato pancakes with savoury stew.


  • {S}16.{E}10. Hittin' The Grill

    S16.E10. Hittin' The Grill

    Guy Fieri is sampling foods straight off the grill. In Tacoma, the pub grub grill menu includes a take on killer kabobs and homegrown beet salads.
    Duration: 21 Min
  • {S}16.{E}11. Unlikely Partners

    S16.E11. Unlikely Partners

    Guy Fieri is checking out some unique combos. In Los Angeles's Korea Town, a craft beer joint is putting duck in the fries and in the French dip.
    Duration: 20 Min
  • {S}16.{E}12. Layers Of Flavor

    S16.E12. Layers Of Flavor

    Guy Fieri is firing up the grill. In Toronto, a restored diner is cooking up pork belly and a mac and cheese burger. Then, Guy tries Jamaican jerk chicken.
    Duration: 20 Min
  • {S}16.{E}13. Real Deal Roots

    S16.E13. Real Deal Roots

    Guy Fieri is exploring dishes with a personal connection. In Los Angeles, a food truck infuses Singaporean flavours into chili crab cake and lamb burger.
    Duration: 21 Min