Halfway through the King crab gauntlet, the crews must dig deep to get over the midseason hump. The skippers give their youngest deckhands a choice: step up or step off.


  • {S}08.{E}05. Alien Abduction

    S08.E05. Alien Abduction

    Both man and machine are showing signs of wear. The Ramblin' Rose struggles with engine failures, while The Wizard's greenhorn grapples with doubts.
    Duration: 44 Min
  • {S}08.{E}06. Vital Sounds

    S08.E06. Vital Sounds

    The crew of the Wizard face a life-or-death situation when a deckhand collapses. On the Seabrooke, Scott is determined to win the captain's wager - but at what cost?
    Duration: 43 Min