Molly and pro-snowboarder Sean live in a yurt in Montana, but now they’re building a tiny house in 12 weeks. They have $20,000 to complete the tricky project.


  • {S}02.{E}01. Coastal Maine

    S02.E01. Coastal Maine

    With the help of some friends and in just twelve days, a couple build a cabin in the middle of Maine's secluded coastline for their family to unplug and enjoy nature.
    Duration: 38 Min
  • {S}02.{E}02. Mountain Man Cave

    S02.E02. Mountain Man Cave

    Avid skier and adventurer, Joe Donovan, builds an off-grid rustic straw bale cabin by hand on a remote ridge in southwest Montana.
    Duration: 38 Min
  • {S}02.{E}03. Yellowstone River

    S02.E03. Yellowstone River

    The Lighthiser family battle the elements to construct an uber-efficient house out of reclaimed materials in a windswept valley overlooking the Yellowstone River.
    Duration: 39 Min
  • {S}02.{E}04. Bottle Island

    S02.E04. Bottle Island

    A man ready to leave the city behind and live off the grid in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, builds an eco-friendly private floating island made from recycled plastic bottles.
    Duration: 38 Min
  • {S}02.{E}05. Cliff House

    S02.E05. Cliff House

    Off-the-grid contractor, Gregg Smith, battles the elements to build a cliffside retreat for a family wanting to reconnect in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
    Duration: 38 Min
  • {S}02.{E}06. Ozark Paradise

    S02.E06. Ozark Paradise

    A young family builds their dream home on a wooded ridge top in Oklahoma's Ozark Mountains. They plan to convert three shipping containers into an off-grid paradise.
    Duration: 38 Min