Chris is expecting a helicopter delivery of 17,000 pounds of material. Then, Jeff fights the weather conditions to stay on schedule and Chappie's crew struggles.


  • {S}08.{E}03. Going Vertical

    S08.E03. Going Vertical

    Chappie Cook's crew run into both bears and boats while hauling materials. Plus, Jeff constructs his slippery roof and Chris works relentlessly on his cabin.
    Duration: 40 Min
  • {S}08.{E}04. Rain Gear Is Going On

    S08.E04. Rain Gear Is Going On

    Chappie Cook's team struggle to lift 600-pound rafters on the cabin's roof. Then, Chris works on drying out his cabin and Jeff installs his cabin's windows.
    Duration: 39 Min
  • {S}08.{E}05. Game Changer

    S08.E05. Game Changer

    Jeff struggles with the front deck for his cabin. Then, Chappie's team uncovers a major error while building the exterior insulation and Chris runs out of materials.
    Duration: 39 Min
  • {S}08.{E}06. A Toy Set For Big Kids

    S08.E06. A Toy Set For Big Kids

    Chris receives necessary help from his family. Then, Chappie's build is brought to a standstill due to engine problems and Jeff makes a critical error.
    Duration: 39 Min
  • {S}08.{E}07. Knock This Thing Out

    S08.E07. Knock This Thing Out

    Winter is about to hit Alaska hard and the crews are trying desperately to get the heating systems complete as quickly as possible.
    Duration: 39 Min
  • {S}08.{E}08. Sky's The Limit

    S08.E08. Sky's The Limit

    The builds are nearly finished and in the final days, the builders are trying to complete the cabins without more issues. Will they finish in time?
    Duration: 39 Min