Bruce's crew build a cabin on the remote LaTouche Island, while Mark's team build a cabin in Freshwater Bay. Plus, Dave's family start building a home on Point MacKenzie.


  • {S}06.{E}02. Piece Of The Pie

    S06.E02. Piece Of The Pie

    Bruce's build is on standstill when they run out of supplies. Dave and his family deal with a broken machine and Mark's team struggle with their foundation level.
    Duration: 39 Min
  • {S}06.{E}03. The Wrong Stuff

    S06.E03. The Wrong Stuff

    The three build teams have problems with broken generators and a missing crew member. Meanwhile, Dave decides to go solo despite the risks of working alone.
    Duration: 38 Min
  • {S}06.{E}04. Stormy Weather

    S06.E04. Stormy Weather

    The build teams persevere through pounding rain and impending snowfall in remote Alaskan settings.
    Duration: 37 Min
  • {S}06.{E}05. Seasonal Squeeze

    S06.E05. Seasonal Squeeze

    The three teams continue their builds in unique Alaskan locations. They must deal with poorly cut glulam beams and cancelled orders.
    Duration: 37 Min
  • {S}06.{E}06. Emergency Supply Run

    S06.E06. Emergency Supply Run

    The builders make progress on their Alaskan jobs but must overcome a catastrophe involving a 1,000-pound ridge beam and a supply shortage.
    Duration: 37 Min
  • {S}06.{E}07. A Roof Overhead

    S06.E07. A Roof Overhead

    The three teams face relentless rain, high tensions and tight deadlines as they continue their builds in unique and remote Alaskan settings.
    Duration: 37 Min