Pluto the singing dog has problems with his voice, causing concern for Dr Chris and can Lisa save a desperately ill kitten? Meanwhile, Tim tackles a territorial Tasmanian Devil.


  • {S}08.{E}09. Episode 9

    S08.E09. Episode 9

    Dr Chris meets Monty the kid goat that can’t stop scratching, Lisa treats a terrified Alsatian puppy, and a feisty 42-year-old galah has an unappetising problem.
    Duration: 41 Min
  • {S}08.{E}10. Episode 10

    S08.E10. Episode 10

    Dr Chris treats Tigger the dog - who was hit by a car, Tim makes a surprise discovery in one family’s walls, and young boxer dog is struggling to walk – can Andrew give him hope?
    Duration: 42 Min
  • {S}08.{E}11. Episode 11

    S08.E11. Episode 11

    Dr Jeff and his team battle to save a puppy with broken ribs and internal bleeding. Meanwhile, Dr Baier attempts surgery he’s never done before to treat a family’s beloved rat.
    Duration: 42 Min
  • {S}08.{E}12. Episode 12

    S08.E12. Episode 12

    Rescue dog Benji’s heart problem causes concern for Dr Chris. Smudge the cat’s horrific injuries shock Lisa – can surgeons reconstruct her leg? Plus, Tim helps out some alligators.
    Duration: 42 Min
  • {S}08.{E}14. Episode 14

    S08.E14. Episode 14

    An angry and injured python puts Tim’s team to the test in the reptile house, and Chris faces his worst nightmare – a big crocodile that needs urgent treatment.
    Duration: 41 Min
  • {S}08.{E}15. Episode 15

    S08.E15. Episode 15

    Lamb Oscar is the victim of a vicious dog attack. Chris is determined to give the lamb a fighting chance at survival. Tim finds the world’s deadliest spider in his friend’s house.
    Duration: 42 Min