HSPCA investigators get involved when a raid on a drug smuggling operation reveals hundreds of fighting roosters and one of the team rescues two dogs that are about to give birth.


  • {S}09.{E}10. Ferret Frenzy

    S09.E10. Ferret Frenzy

    HSPCA worker Dana Moss is called to help a colt that is unable to stand, while Senior Investigator Kirstie rescues ferrets abandoned in a freezing house.
    Duration: 45 Min
  • {S}09.{E}11. Six Mangy Mutts

    S09.E11. Six Mangy Mutts

    Investigators Sage Halford and Enrique Castillo come to the aid of a litter of pups that has been callously dumped in a ditch in the countryside outside Houston.
    Duration: 45 Min
  • {S}09.{E}12. Fighting Birds

    S09.E12. Fighting Birds

    A rooster fight is in full swing when it is raided by the police, and the investigators of the Houston SPCA are called in to gather evidence and handle the birds that are seized.
    Duration: 46 Min
  • {S}09.{E}13. Little Colt that Could

    S09.E13. Little Colt that Could

    Three horses are being neglected to the point of starvation. They have become so desperate, even sand is valuable food. When one collapses, the team have to pull out all the stops.
    Duration: 44 Min
  • {S}09.{E}14. Amazing Transformations

    S09.E14. Amazing Transformations

    Animal Cops investigators always hope for a full recovery with all their rescues. The team re-visit dramatic cases to see how the neglected animals are progressing.
    Duration: 42 Min
  • {S}09.{E}15. From Cages to Comfort

    S09.E15. From Cages to Comfort

    When bears and tigers were found in a chicken shed, it was one of the most dramatic rescues ever. The team catch up with them as they enjoy new lives in zoos and sanctuaries.
    Duration: 45 Min