Rachael shares her one of her favourite breakfast dishes that is perfect for dinnertime too. She makes chilaquiles with red chili sauce and guajillo peppers.


  • {S}28.{E}08. Egg-Zactly What You Want

    S28.E08. Egg-Zactly What You Want

    Rachael makes a classic savoury Middle Eastern dish: Shakshuka. The combination of tomatoes, eggs spices, jalapeno and chipotle make this a hearty meal.
    Duration: 19 Min
  • {S}28.{E}09. Comfort Food, Quick

    S28.E09. Comfort Food, Quick

    Rachael skips the fussy part of a traditional pot pie and makes her stove-top version. She tops her rotisserie chicken pot pie with buttery puff pastry.
    Duration: 19 Min
  • {S}28.{E}10. Roses Are Red, Vodka Sauce Is Pink!

    S28.E10. Roses Are Red, Vodka Sauce Is Pink!

    Rachael perfects a classic pasta with vodka sauce and shrimp. Her recipe is simple and flavoursome, and the addition of shrimps makes an inspired dish.
    Duration: 18 Min
  • {S}28.{E}11. Don't Get Curried Away

    S28.E11. Don't Get Curried Away

    Rachael makes chicken curry in a hurry. She experiments with bold spices and shows how easy it is to make a sauce at home rather than using a shop-bought one.
    Duration: 19 Min
  • {S}28.{E}12. Have A Ball

    S28.E12. Have A Ball

    Rachael makes roasted meatballs with garlic bread. This quick, easy and tasty recipe is the perfect meal after a busy day at work and the whole family will love it.
    Duration: 20 Min
  • {S}28.{E}13. There's No Crying In Carbonara!

    S28.E13. There's No Crying In Carbonara!

    Rachael puts a spin on the classic carbonara dish. She adds crab meat and makes a rich and creamy sauce filled with celery, lemon, sherry and strong pancetta.
    Duration: 19 Min